Jumpstart 2014

I curated Jumpstart 2014, a children’s content festival, along with Manasi Subramaniam and Anita Roy. The theme was Let’s Play!

It was about highlighting the need for play at all stages of life – for kids and also for adults, especially adults creating content for kids. Play is a state of  mind that encourages exploration and this can be done while you’re playing hopscotch or climbing a tree or even reading a book. Our panels focussed on this – play when you read, when you write, when you draw, when you teach, when you learn.We looked at play and its connection to creative work where writers and illustrators shared how play fits into their creative process and how it helps them to connect with the world of the child. Then we looked  at play and pedagogy where experts told us how critical it is to keep the element of play in a learning environment and showed us how they do it. And finally, we looked at play and how to adapt as we tell stories across media.

Here are some links to the programme:

Playschool: Play and Pedagogy with Amukta Mahapatra, EK Shaji and Sujata Noronha:


Ctrl Alt Del: Storytelling in a Time of Technology with Ralph Mollers and Nury Vittachi:


An interview with me about the Bangalore event:


something not to be missed!

Stories must be told otherwise they die

Stories are a way of making sense of the world. So I make films, write, teach and conduct workshops to make room for multiple stories of the world.

I studied history at St Stephens College, Delhi University and Mass Communications at the Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. I work as a documentary filmmaker, writer, facilitator/teacher and sound recordist, and have a special interest in media for children.

My work has shown at the Open Frame Film Festival, New Delhi, Mumbai International Film Festival, Karachi International Film Festival, Dhaka International Short & Independent Film Festival, Tricontinental Film Festival, Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester and the International Symposium of Electronics Arts(ISEA). I was awarded the Sea Change Residency by the Gaea Foundation, USA in recognition of my work across disciplines.