My work as a Documentary Director includes:

Jagriti Express and Jagriti Yatra (2012), two films on a train journey that takes 450 young people on a journey across India in an attempt to understand India’s diversity, its problems and the possible solutions. Jagriti Express, the shorter version, is available online. Here is the link:

Two Lives (2007), a documentary on motherhood seen through the lives of two women who await the birth of their babies. As new worlds open up for women and old roles persist, Two Lives looks at how women enact motherhood in our times. This was screened at the Nazariya Women’s Film Festival, Ahmedabad in March 2008 and The Open Frame, New Delhi in September 2008 and pEtE maatu: City Conversations/In Her Own Words, Bangalore in December 2010.

The House on Gulmohar Avenue (2005), a documentary exploring the ideas of identity and belonging through the intimate interiority of the filmmaker’s family home and it’s neighbourhood. This has been screened at KARA 2005, the international film festival in Karachi, the 9th International Short & Independent Film Festival, Dhaka-2005, the Tricontinental Film Festival 2006 and the Commonwealth Film Festival 2006 in Manchester.

I Found My Way To School (2003), a film on an Education Initiative for Girls in Barabanki District, for Unicef

Stories of Girlhood (2001), 3 films on the Girl Child in India, produced for Unicef, India. The three films are  :

Girls in the Neighbourhood (English/24 mins) which is based in a slum colony on the outskirts of New Delhi and looks at the life of young girls who work as ragpickers, domestic servants and in other menial jobs to earn their livelihood. This was screened at Mumbai International Film Festival, February 2002.

Of Love and Land (English/24 mins) which explores the lives of girl children in a middle class farming community in Amritsar, Punjab in the context of an alarming decline in the sex ratio. This was among the 20 films selected for the Indo-British Digital Film Festival that toured seven cities in India in the summer of 2003. It was also screened at Expressions in Freedom, a Festival of Asian Women Filmmakers, in New Delhi in March 2005.

Things I Never Did Before (English/22 mins) which is located in the context of girl child labour in the cotton fields of Telengana, Andhra Pradesh and looks at efforts to enable girls to build a future away from the cotton fields. This has won an Honourable Mention at the International Association for Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) Awards 2003.

Adha Asman (Half the Sky)(1996/Betacam/Hindi & English/32mins), a video about differential access to health care, produced for the British Council as part of the Gender Planning Training Project. The film has been screened at the Mumbai International Film Festival, March 1998, Chingari VideoFest at the University of Wisconsin, Oct 1998, Prakriti ‘98 at Pune and Desh Pardesh 2000 at Toronto.

My work as a documentary Sound Recordist includes :

An episode of a series called Killer Bugs for BBC World, UK, produced by Rockhopper Productions, London

Words on Water, a documentary on the people’s movement in the Narmada Valley

An episode of a series called Armageddon produced by Safe World Productions (a Ted Turner Communications company) for PBS, USA

Maheshwar Report, a video report on the people’s struggle against the Maheshwar Dam in Madhya Pradesh.

An episode of a series called Mutiny for Channel 4, UK, produced by Sweeet Patooties, London in association with Granadamedia

Stories of Girlhood, 3 films on the Girl Child in India, produced for Unicef, India

Women at Work, a television chat show on the role of women in society for Doordarshan, India.

Hamari Baatein, a documentary on the work of Sabla Sangh, an NGO working in the resettlement colonies of Delhi.

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  1. Hi Samina, I am absolutely sure we have met, though not sure when and where. I am Sanjay Chandrashekhar Nair, from Mumbai. Somehow (‘door door se’) i have a feeling you know Parvati Balgopalan.

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