My work as a writer includes:

Books and Stories

Flash fiction contest for Duckbill Books in which contestants had to write a 100 word story starting with the sentence, The Platypus was confused. Here’s mine:

The Platypus was confused. She hated filling out official forms. She hated all those questions – what year did you finish school, do you have a PAN, has your signature changed. She hated ticking boxes and crossing out lines. She came from a long line of Unclassifiables that took pride in being out of a box and in crossing lines. Although, the Unclassifiables were losing ground and there were rumours of how they had in fact, been classified, the Platypus was not giving up. So, she did what any self-respecting unclassifiable would – she snapped open her duckbill, gobbled the Enemy of Unclassifiables and dived in for a soothing swim.

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101 Indian Children’s Books We Love, a guide book to Indian children’s books (mostly English). Find out more about it at:

Madhav and the Magic Balloon, picture book by The Wisdom Tree, Delhi

Looking Through Glass, short story in Whispers in the Classroom, Voices on the Field, an anthology of school stories (Wisdom Tree / 2012)

The House At The Corner, short story in First Proof: The Penguin Book of New Indian Writing 7 (2011)

The Goat Who Got Away, story in Eid Stories (Scholastic India / 2010) and in Saleem On Earth and Other Stories (Scholastic India / 2013)

My Friends in the City, an illustrated book for early readers about animal inhabitants of the city. The book is a dual language text and is available in four Indian languages in combination with English. (Tulika, Chennai / 2007)

The Magic Key, a collection of six children’s stories, written by Dr. Zakir Husain, which she translated from Urdu into English (Young Zubaan / 2004)

Hina in the Old City, a non-fiction book with colour photographs on the Walled City of Delhi for children (Tulika Publishers, Chennai / 2000)

Magical Wishes: The Adventures of Goopy Gyne and Bagha Byne, retold in English for a picture book (Scholastic India)

Articles and Essays

Time a-ticking, article on time and childhood (Teachers Plus/June 2012) http://www.teacherplus.org/last-word/time-a-ticking)

Shrinking Spaces for Dissent? article on dissent in childhood (Teachers Plus/August 2011) http://www.teacherplus.org/last-word/shrinking-spaces-for-dissent

Scaling New Walls, article on private schools and the right to education (The Tribune / July 2011 and http://www.socialmantra.in)

Adaab In A Time of Allah Hafiz (http://openspaceindia.org / July 2011 and http://www.socialmantra.in)

No Jamia Ghetto, Please, article on reservations for Muslims in Jamia (Indian Express/March 2011)

Being Muslim Means Many Things To Many People, article on identity (India Today/October 2008 and http://www.socialmantra.in)

Between Confrontation and Celebration: Documentary Films and the World, an essay on documentary filmmaking in India  (ICCR Journal, 2008)

Little Eyes and a Big Screen, a short essay on children and the media (Seminar, 2007)

Growing up in an Age of Entanglements, an essay on identity for Himal (March, 2006 and http://openspaceindia.org)

Everyday Borders in Everyday Lives, a paper presented at ISEA 2004 to accompany the exhibition, Home and Away (Unpublished / 2004)

A Short Walk Through Children’s Books, an article in the children’s special of The Book Review (November 2004)

Listening to Sound, an essay on sound recording for documentary films in Double Take, a collection of essays on documentary film production in India (PSBT Publications, New Delhi, 2000). This has been republished in the Open Frame Reader : Unreeling the Documentary Film ( Rupa & Co, New Delhi, 2006)

Dish is Life : Cable Operators and the Neighbourhood, an essay in Image Journeys : Audio-visual Media and Cultural Change in India (Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1999).

Women and Islam in India, a paper for the National Commission for Women, New Delhi (Unpublished /1998)

Editor of the Kids section of Time Out Delhi between 2007 and 2008, during which she focussed extensively on issues pertaining to children in the city.



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  1. Dear Ms.Mishra,

    In Chandigarh, i am associated with a literary forum called Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS) a non profit organisation that aims to promote literature through creative programmes held monthly and its annual lit conclave ‘Literati'( more is available on the forum & the fest at http://www.chandigarhliterati.com) .

    I write to seek your personal email ID to collaborate an activity keeping your films and written work in mind.

    thank you for your time and patience.

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